New Home Tour: Master Bedroom

new home tour

It's hard to believe a year ago today we closed on this house and moved! It's also hard to believe it took me a year to finish these posts. I find … [Continue reading]

Resolve to Know


About a year and a half ago we embarked down a path with a short end in sight, or so we thought.  We anticipated the typical nine month wait, but … [Continue reading]

New Home Tour: The Guest Room

new home tour

When everyone comes to visit, you can rest your head here! (Or if we need this room for another reason, then you can stay in the Room O' Boxes, the … [Continue reading]

I Forgot to Write a Birthday Post for my Husband


The title doesn't lie.  The time is about 7am and I woke up early to scramble around and make sure the internet/husband knows how much I love my … [Continue reading]

New Home Tour: Apples and Pears

new home tour

For those of you with cockney rhyming slang under your belt, you'll instantly get where I"m going with this post. For those of you who just googled … [Continue reading]