Sayonara Summer


I blinked, and summer ended (and a bump grew). At the risk of sounding cliche, this summer flew by. If you ask anyone else in DC they will respond … [Continue reading]

Gender Reveal!

gender reveal before

It's a ..... (just watch the video) Gender Reveal BaByQ from Vicki S on Vimeo. After all the "hoorays!" and "congrats" settled there came a … [Continue reading]

What’ll it be?


Everything went more than well at our anatomy scan last week.  I have to admit my nerves were high, as going into a forty-five minute scan that … [Continue reading]

Half baked!


Today marks twenty of forty weeks completed for this pregnancy, and I'm throwing a little party in my uterus (sorry - no invitations, celebration is … [Continue reading]

Oh Boy, what if it’s a boy?

Crowning Victoria Button

Before we launch into my concerns, firstly I need to make sure I loudly and clearly state: no matter the gender of our baby, I will love it whole … [Continue reading]