Judah Tyler – A Birth Story, The beginning


Let me start by saying I swore my labor would go post-dates.  I figured this being my first birth, labor would be delayed and sometime around … [Continue reading]

He’s Here!


He's here! Or rather, he's been here and we've been busy! Baby Judah Tyler arrived on Thanksgiving, an early bird by 3 weeks.  This past month with … [Continue reading]

My Favorite Gift


A year ago today I endured my third D&C procedure for a baby that wasn't meant to be.  I buried another failed pregnancy, birthed another angel … [Continue reading]

Maternity Photo Montage!


So about those bump photos...I'm still taking them, just really slow at uploading/editing/sharing them.  But I have them.  And I'm sure once baby boy … [Continue reading]

Catchup and Relish


It's been a hot minute since I even logged into this blog, and I have to admit - it was nice to step away for a little while.  Sure posts rattled … [Continue reading]