The Way It Is

This is the story of The Way It Is. 

While I open my heart and pour out these seemingly “crazy” bride-to-be thoughts rolling around in my head, I’m honestly, simply sharing.  Support of how everything will turn out great, the day will be lovely, and the party phenomenal, are welcomed.  But I’m not complement fishing, here. (albeit they are nice to hear)

I  need to vent. 
Need to just be heard.
Need to use this here blog as an outlet.

Because in truth and my heart-of-hearts I know everything will turn out fine.
I know I’ll be beautiful in my white dress, because there is no such thing as an ugly bride.  Wait, hold that, I’m sure there’s a Google search out there to prove me wrong.  Still, it, I, will be grand.

For as much nervous energy I spend waste over-thinking worst case scenarios, the wedding, the every-little-detail will be fine.
I know that.
Doesn’t stop me from thinking about it, though.

I’m hella excited.
But I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t worry.
That’s the way it is.

Now don’t go reading too far into this post, or any other post, dear (virtual or otherwise) friends of mine.  I can tell you with full certainty that all is well.  Just making sure this blog remains a place for me to be open and honest.

Just Dance

Mike and I chose a first dance song.  Then we nixed the first one and chose a different song.  Then we registered for dance classes!

While a seemingly good move and use of money, we now know we don’t want a structured dance.  The class was fine, well taught, and covered good moves, but it was more of the “do it this way or it’s not right” appeal that didn’t sit right.  We’re not those kind of dancers. 

So we learned the box step, the fox trot, and waltz.  We learned how to hold you arms up and elbows out.  We even mastered walking. Turning corners, not so much “mastered,” but instead we’ll dance back and forth.
At least we won’t be doing the 7th grade sway.

Having said all that, our practicing schedule lacks attention. 
As in: we still need to do that.
So dear friends and family, when we grace the dance floor for the first time as husband and wife, try not to stare at our awkward footsteps. In fact, just look away.  Because it’s enough that you’re there with us.  We understand if you turn your head, refill your drink, or otherwise use that time to your advantage.  The photographer only needs to see us through her lens.
What I’m getting at here is this sweet, tender moment is riddled with nervous energy of all-eyes-on-you.  We want that lovey-dovey moment… on our honeymoon, or in our apartment, or in our back parking lot where we practice dancing alone. 
I’m so glad we invited you to share our day & so glad you came, just don’t judge our dancing.
Then bring us both a drink.
(We’ll need it!)

(not us)

Table Assignments

The word “assignments” has the smaller word “ass” in it for a reason, I’m convinced. That’s because assignments are a pain in your arse.  When we sat down to create table assignments, wine was necessary for that endeavor.

We began by printing out the list of guests, in 3 columns.  The columns were to save paper but also because we didn’t need the names to be humungous.  As I was cutting up the names I realized it was a good idea to keep couples together.  Logically they will sit at the same table, so no need to separate them.

(last names skewed to protect the privacy of our guests)
Then we separated the guests into groups: friends & family.  Turns out our spread is pretty 50/50, which was a nice surprise.  From there, we went into further sub-groupings. Family from each side (groom/bride) logically went with their respective relatives, then friends from college, friends from work, and family friends.  We took care to consider age groupings, because while Mike’s cool cousin can hang with the best of them, I’m sure she prefers to be with her peers.
Then the inevitable happened. We got stuck. 
You might not believe the complexity of making perfect tables of 10. Or maybe you’ve been there, and you do get it.  Either way, not everyone comes as a couple and not everyone can just be thrown in with people.  We shuffled. We did some math (106 people divided by 11 tables…). We consulted the oracle.
Eventually we had this:
And while it’s not perfect, it will do.
How long will people sit there, anyways? Maximum an hour?
I honestly can’t worry myself perfecting the groups.  They work, and people will be having a great time (and drinking too).
Next task at hand: creating the table “numbers”!
(which, sorry readers, will not be revealed until guests have a chance to see it with their own eyes first!)

Girls in White Dresses…

…but no pink satin sashes.  I don’t do pink.

Very soon, this precious little one:

Will be wearing this precious dress:

And this adorable, fun, “big kid”:

Will be wearing this special dress:

(minus the removable tattoo on her arm)
And for a better picture of little miss, you MUST check out her new favorite dress-up activity:
How fantastically cute!!!
Love my nieces! Can’t wait to see them all dolled up for the wedding!

Steppin’ Out Saturday 5.28.11

Awesome Hair Edition!

I raved about my hair stylist before, but yesterday he blew it out of the park.

He used some new magic wand to curl mah hairs, and the results are beyond beautiful.

I envy curly hair.  For a day, David made my dreams come true!
(sidenote: today my hair is still curly after sleeping on it, but now more relaxed and continued awesomeness)
 So fun & fresh.  Great for a late spring/early summer rooftop party (which we went to that evening!)
Everyone complemented my hairs.  
I should have brought more than 1 of David’s business cards.
I’m thinking our “day after” (more like week after) wedding shots will need to feature these curly locks!
I love how my highlights really pop.

Wedding Countdown: 21 days!