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Back a few posts ago, I wrote about a personal shopper service.  Well, my sister read it and pointed out a few flaws and I had to agree, I was paying for a lot.  But it’s fun and what’s the harm in a little fun every now and then?

Little did I know, my sister was up to her own shopping fun.  A couple weeks later I received a sizable box with my first Sister Style shipment!  You see, my sister and eldest niece went shopping for me and picked out some great finds.  To top it off, my niece modeled the clothing for me.  My sister completed the shipment with a “how to” insert detailing just how to wear the awesome pieces she picked out for me.

I laughed so hard I cried.  The pictures, the words, the clothes — all of it perfect and very “me.”

The best part? I didn’t loose $20 on a service and all the clothes were free!

Here’s what I got:

photo 1



Here you see the first Item, Red stripped ¾ length T-shirt, paired with black leggings, item 2, long sleeve button up bicycle shirt, and item 3, blue scarf.

The outfit can be worn with or without the scarf and also with Jeans or maybe a slim or A-line solid color skirt.  You should also think about wearing shoes if you go outside.




photo 2



Here you will see Item 1 again with black leggings but this time using item 3, blue scarf, as a belt.  The shirt may be shorter on you than the model, make sure your bottom is covered.





photo 3



Item 4 is a simple dress that can be worn alone – because, it is a dress.  But if you are cold, you should put on a sweater.  One in a solid bold color would look best.  Any more prints may make people dizzy when they look at you.  If you want the true Austin look, you should do your hair in super cute 50’s style, add a big flower or bow, and then get tons of tattoos so it doesn’t look too precious.



photo 4



Item 5, Giraffe tunic, was the model’s favorite item.  It is shown here with black leggings and tank top, and item 6, triangle necklace.  Because this a sheer item, we strongly suggest wearing something under it, unless you are feeling it, then go for it, just don’t get arrested.





photo 2 (3)



Here are Items 5 and 6, this time with Item 7, a boyfriend sweater.  You can wear it when you say good bye to your hubby when leaving the house, but then take it off when you get to the club.  Sneaky…





photo 3 (3)



Now we see item 8, a nice soft teal t-shirt with skinny jeans and item 7.  It is Ohhh so comfy, and in such nice colors.  The model is practicing her “teacher face”.






photo 1 (2)



Here is item 9, big ass scarf, with item 8 and the skinny jeans.  Item 7 is shown here as a cape, because after you watch Frozen you are going to want to run around the house singing let it go and you will need a cape for “the cold doesn’t bother me anyway” part.  And they are dragon flies, not butterflies, because of your butterfly thing.




photo 2 (2)


Here we see item 9 again with a nice white dress.  Worn over the arms as a shall.  For those Mondays were you realized you wore a t-shirt to an outdoor music festival, forgot your sun screen and have a horrific farmers tan.






photo 4 (2)

Finally item 9, worn with the boyfriend sweater over a white dress.  This time the scarf is worn as a scarf.  Boring, but we wanted to show you all the possibilities.







“We hope you have enjoyed your selections from Sister Style.  The receipts are in the envelope, so if you don’t like something you can just go to the store and get yourself something you like or throw yourself on the floor and throw a giant tantrum, but Mike needs to video that and send it to us.  All items are from Ross, Marshalls, Old Navy or the Chicago hospital gift shop and were purchased at great prices.”


Isn’t it great?!?  My sister (and niece) are the best!!!

Love you, Marlo!!!!




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  • Allison

    I love this post! Too cute! Your sister’s explanations of each piece made me laugh so hard, but are so true! I hope you loved each piece :)

  • Jayme

    This entire post is amazing.