2013 the year of the SNAFU

The end of a calendar year and subsequent start of the next makes for a perfect time of reflection.  However my mental calendar tends to cycle around the school year coupled with the Jewish New Year and my birthday on top of all that, makes the end of August and into September my personal new year.  Because of this, I don’t put too much weight into new year’s resolutions.  But I couldn’t exactly move onto 2014 without acknowledging the shitshow that 2013 provided.  It was a roller coaster of a year.


After 8 months on the market we finally sold our first tiny home and purchased our forever home. April saw us moving out of a 600sq ft condo and into a much larger row home.  We didn’t know what we were missing, but absolutely love our bigger space, as do the animals.  It felt grownup of us to take our savings and turn it into something, except for the part where we spent the rest of the year making one income work for two people and a mortgage.  But people do that all the time, just not normally after cleaning out their entire savings.


The week after moving into that new, shiny, financially dependent home Mike’s job ended.  As a contracted position, we had a good hunch this would happen.  Mike makes an awesome house husband, though, and handles multiple visits from the utility companies, contractors, and seemingly never-ending customer service conversations with mad skills.  And I’m pleased as punch for him (and our bank account) that he begins his new job on January 6th!  I know those months of unemployment were not his favorite, but I’m proud of him for powering through.


In early January we found out we were expecting, only to have a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks that March.  Lather, rinse, repeat into October/November.  Medically speaking, since both losses were due to genetic abnormalities (trisomy 16 & 22, respectively) we decided to look at my blueprint and see if we might point the finger of blame to my chromosomes.  At a genetic counselor appointment today we found my blood karyotyping results to be normal.  My insides are fundamentally made of 46 totally normal chromosomes.   This means less medical interventions necessary, but all the more prayers and wishes that nature takes a different course next time.  And yes, “Game on!”


Overall, 2013 came on very normal – except with its own share of wild eff-ups.

More importantly, 2014– I’m coming for you.

We‘re coming for you.

There are high hopes for this new calendar year!


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  • Heather Patterson

    Such good news regarding your chromosomal health, Vicki, and also for the start of Mike’s new job! That’s great! Praying for a very wonderful 2014 for you all!

    • http://CrowningVictoria.com/ CrowndVic

      Thanks, Heather! Happy New Year to you and yours, as well :)

  • http://www.girlgonemom.com/ Heather D.

    Ahhh the best news! looking forward to more great news from you in the months ahead. :)

    Congrats to your hubby, we’ve been there and both times it happened when I was pregnant!

  • KristiFischer

    Love the words in reflection and happy you got good news today!

  • jenniferalsoknownasthewife

    I’m glad to hear your testing came back with positive results although I’m sure it leads to its own sets of frustrations since you have no “reason” why these losses would come back to back. I’ve told you before but I’ve been hoping for good news for you and Mike soon.

    2014, you better be nice to Vicki!

  • http://tatertwins.com Jayme

    This will be your year. Make it your bitch!

  • Abby

    You are going to own 2014. You’ve been constantly on my mind and in my prayers. I know you have a great support group, but I’m there to be your cheerleader (whoo hoo, perky!!) or shoulder if you need it.

    • http://CrowningVictoria.com CrowndVic

      Thanks Abby! I love and appreciate the support from my internet friends :) ))