Sometimes I naively wish a button existed to start over or at least wipe the slate clean and try again.  I work in a profession where luckily we do start over, every year.  You can take pieces of whatever worked from the previous school year or scrap it all and try again in the fall.  And thank goodness for summer, a chance to recharge and drink relax.

Similarly now after my loss I want to preserve what I have, learn from all this mess, trash the bad stuff yet keep some close to my heart.  I found a way to memorialize her/this/me in this moment. I chose a way to feel like I put this event behind me and move on to the next thing (whatever that is).

And like many people who enjoy sharing openly, I chose to ink it permanently into my skin.

I created a tattoo idea with deep rooted inspiration from the words of Emily Dickinson.  I chose a poem which came into my life earlier and will stay with me forever. I placed it in a location behind me, yet guiding me.  I decided on hope.



Some days I feel more hope than others, but always she’s here with me.


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  • Tricia

    It’s beautiful.

    • CrowndVic

      Thank you, friend.

  • Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

    It is GORGEOUS.

    • CrowndVic

      Thanks, Krysten!

  • 3B

    I LOVE it!

  • Ali

    It. is. perfect.


  • Jayme Tate

    It’s beautiful! I love it.

  • MommaExpat

    Love it. Truly fitting.

  • Kat

    Beautiful <3

  • Kassi M.

    It’s beautiful Vicki!!! And so fitting.

  • Nicci @ Changing the Universe

    I absolutely love it! Perfection, really #tardytotheparty #istillloveitthough #hashtagsincomments

  • Duffy

    It suits you so perfectly.
    I cherish my baby phoenix and all that he represents in our quest to become a family.

  • Cowbella

    That is the most beautiful tattoo I’ve ever seen. And I’m not generally a fan of tattoos. But it’s moving and meaningful, sweet and simple.

    • CrowndVic

      Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I’m pleased when people admire my “art” :)