That one time in Richmond

This past weekend I learned (in no particular order):

  • if there are urinals in a bathroom, then it’s probably the men’s room (even if no one is occupying said room)
  • there is such a thing as too many free, warm cookies (but thank you anyways, Doubletree)
  • the south is a confusing, meanwhile very kind place to visit
  • it is possible to mess up a simple order of “white wine, please” and even a simple Jack & Coke
  • Gypsies steal things
  • it is possible to become extremely close with someone you just met
  • even though Richmond is only 2 hours south of DC, it is definitely part of The South
  • it is better to get a parking ticket than a DUI*
  • love means smashing your iPhone screen when you accidentally smash your fiance’s iPhone screen
  • not all hospitality staff is hospitable
  • I cannot stay up past 3am anymore
  • You can tell how amazing a couple is by the awesome people at their wedding
  • you should sign the guest book towards the beginning of the wedding, not at the very end (my apologies for “Vicki & Mike Vicki oops”)
  • the Roger Rabbit will never go out of style, in my book

Huge congrats to our friends Eytan & Trish on their marriage! We had an amazing time celebrating!!

*No I did not get a DUI, I opted to leave my car knowing full well I would get a ticket if I didn’t move it, but was in no state to move it.  Thus, ticket < DUI.


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  • Ali

    ROFL! Love it!!! Glad you made it out alive, and I’ll toast my next glass of wine to your speedy recovery. :)

    Next year, it’s our turn!

    • CrowndVic

      Oooh, barely alive! ;) and no more wine, please! I need to be ready for Mike’s graduation on Friday!
      Can’t wait to break it down in celebration of your union! (Also in the south!)

  • Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    :) Sounds like a fun visit to Richmond!