My Husband Thinks I’m Ridiculous…

There will always be certain things we don’t understand about our significant others.  No matter how long we date, live together, or are married, certain things stand out as “odd.” But we love these people and their quirks, none-the-less.

My husband never fails to let me know when these things happen, when he fails to comprehend my motivation or sees the outcome as ridiculous.  He laughs and says, “You’re ridiculous!”  (with loving approval, of course).

Take the other day, for example.

There’s a huge sewage disaster in our small, 12-unit condo building requiring 8 foot holes (amongst other repairs) in the first-floor units.  Thankfully we are not displaced, but the jack-hammering & special assessment costs leave much to be desired.  This also means flushing TP was a no-no for a couple weeks.  After finally getting the clear to use TP as normal I used the restroom one day to find NO TOILET PAPER.  Who does that?  Who can’t replace a single roll of TP after finishing another roll?

So, because I felt I might forget to wag my finger at Mike when he got home (because, duh, follow-up), I tweeted at him.

Direct. Succinct. and also a funny tweet:

I mean, I admitted it was not the best way to go about it, with my hashtag of “classy.”

But it’s 2012 and social media proves to be a great way to communicate – maybe not for all our marital disputes, but for ones that leave me err, high and dry.  I see this “ridiculous” way as successful.

(And I will leave his ridiculous habits alone, for now)


Now that we have new phones, I earned “you are completely absurd”  while tweeting this Instagram picture & caption:

“How I feel now that I have a brand new, working phone (!)”

I think the word is “proud.”

Does your significant other think you do anything “ridiculous” ?

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  • CrowndVic

    You’re just

  • Mike Salamon

    You’re just missing that mental filter that lets you differentiate between something that should be shared with the universe and something that probably should be more private. But I guess that’s why your blog works……

  • Jill

    haha wow I think I have reached my laughter quota for the day now!

  • Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    Haha! I’m glad my husband doesn’t have a twitter. He’d be making fun of me all the time probably…