My husband, the master!


Mike graduated with his Master’s in International Affairs, on Friday.

Mike’s mom flew in Thursday night, then we met up with Mike’s dad and his wife to watch Mike walk with his school Friday day.  Since GWU’s graduating student population is so gosh-darn-large (DC has a lot of smart people living in it), each separate school within the greater George Washington University holds their own “smaller” ceremony.  It’s only a three plus hours long “smaller” ceremony. The students in each school hear their names called this way and walk to receive their medal and diploma.  Sidenote: think about how many days it might take if they did a giant graduation and called every name… Back on track now. I love that Mike has an elementary-school-participation-award-looking medal. It’s totally grad-school tuition legit.

All kidding aside, I’m so proud of my husband.  I doubt I could endure 2 more years of school to further myself (says the teacher)!

Thanks to all our family and friends who helped celebrate this weekend.  Now that Mike’s the “master” of the house, we’ll let him pick up the tab, next time…