Steppin’ Out – 3.31.12 Mike’s Bday Party!

Yesterday we gathered together to celebrate my husband’s birthday a week early.  See, his actual birthday falls during Passover this year, which means restrictions on what we can eat (like cupcakes) and drink (ie: beer).  So to circumvent that situation, we celebrated a little early!

I made those Jack Daniel’s cupcakes.  I’m working on my icing piping skills,clearly.

earrings: gifted from kat! // shirt: anthropologie (sale-rack!) //

Jeans & Scarf: Target // boots: clothing-swap

GLASSES!!!! : RayBans

We went to a place called Cantina Marina which is as cheese-ily decorated as you can imagine.  But it’s on the water (which I bet is lovely when it’s not so darn cold out.  Winter? Spring? what season are we in, again?) and the view is spectacular.  So are the mini-corn-dogs.

Oh you like the new eye-decor?  The hope is that even with my slight prescription of -.75 and my double astigmatism, the glasses will help reduce the headaches, or ease my eyes when migraines do strike.  That’s the hope.  We’ll see.

I’m “smizing” here — smiling with my eyes.  Does it work? maybe? no? ok.

We have some awesome friends.  They give us presents like bowling balls.  Seriously.  I think this present is going to be passed from friend to friend on every birthday.  Because, no, Mike doesn’t bowl on the regular, nor do we have room for a bowling ball in our house.  But who doesn’t love a bowling ball as a birthday gift?!

But I’m pretty sure Mike had a good time at his birthday day/night out.

Why can’t boys take a normal picture?


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  • Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    The new glasses look hot! ;) You’ve really got that whole sexy teacher thing going on now with those! :P

    • CrowndVic

      Hahaha thanks! ;)

  • Talking Thirty

    How were the cupcakes and could you taste the JD?

    • CrowndVic

      They were good cupcakes, but I would honestly add more JD next time – both for moisture and taste.