taking matters into my own hands


Back during my second migraine-trip to the ER, a CT scan showed a mucous cyst in my left maxillary sinus. The attending physician basically told me my brain looked fine and something along the lines of  “oh by the way you’ve got this thing going on you should know about but it’s no big deal.”

My neurologist confirmed in a following MRI that indeed my brain is great but my sinuses are craptastic, especially that left maxillary one.  He offered antibiotics for what seems to be an untreated sinus infection, even though my nose feels NO pain, nor do I feel sick, and I declined. I’m not huge into taking 2 weeks of antibiotics for something that doesn’t appear to be a huge deal.

Since the migraines were bothering my head, no one seemed concerned about my nose.

But as my prescription for antihistamines started running low, I used spring break to hit up my allergist.  I asked my allergist, who seems to know a thing or two about noses to look at my MRI and he was all like “dude that cyst takes up 50% of your left sinus cavity how are you surviving aren’t you in pain that thing needs to go away yesterday!”


I asked if he thought the migraines were related.

More or less he explained that any untreated infection can cause your body to do weird things.

Several message boards on the internet confirmed the same. (Totally not scientific, I know.)

And then my neurologist told me sinus cysts and migraines were not related.  He also told me to stop taking my preventative migraine Rx since they made me feel like I was flying my own spaceship and the headaches subsided for 5 days.  Five whole days of relief plus space cadette Vicki somehow equals stopping medication, I guess.

I agreed to start taking antibiotics for the ick in my nose in the hope that it helps, somehow.


Today (5 days after stopping migraine preventative) when another migraine-like headache (maybe I’m becoming immune to the pain?) struck, I got pissed-off.  I’m taking four horse-pill sized antibiotics a day, for something that may or may not be causing me extreme headaches but no one seems to really know and…


I signed into my health insurance’s website and found the first female ENT nearby.  (Not a great way to find a quality healthcare provider, but when you’re in pain and frustrated anything will do)

Next week I have an appointment with someone who specializes in noses.  The receptionist didn’t flinch when I said I had a mucous cyst spanning 50% of my left sinus cavity and simply told me to bring all scans.

At that point I will have taken 2 weeks worth of antibiotics. I may or may not have helped the cyst shrink.

Sorry for spewing the m-word all over your screen.

And sorry for my intermittent writing and posting. I’ve been in pain, tired, and putting priorities in order. But hopefully, hopefully, my nose gunk will go away and the headaches will go away and blogging Vicki will be back in action!



*Oh, and for those of you keeping track, I went 3 whole weeks without a sip of alcohol! Then the night I stopped the migraine prevention meds, which happened to be the night prior to starting antibiotics, I had 2 glorious glasses of wine.  And then another glass during each Seder.  And a glass with Mike’s bday dinner.  But now I’m back on the dry wagon again. wheeeee. groan.

and I promise I will write a better, more interesting post soon!