Very Pinteresting


Like many other women, I love Pinterest.  Don’t follow my boards yet? Well clicky-click and let’s do this thang!


I find what gets pinned and repinned very “pinteresting.”

Some pins get repinned many, many times, like “Outer Space themed bath” with 209 pins & “Cute outfit” with 2852 pins!

There are certain pins, like the “clean your shower with only baking soda” and “zombie wedding photos” which get repinned but only because people “steal” the content and repin it themselves.


And then there’s my personal popular repins.

Some say a Pinterest rule is: thou shalt not post your own content.

But I love our wedding photos and think it will bring inspiration to others.

So I pinned a few to My Real Wedding board and I am amazed at the repin notifications! So. many. repins!

Like my wedding updo pin, with 30 repins.


Or the picture of my bouquet with peacock feathers with 95 repins!

Source: via Vicki on Pinterest


Our hotel welcome bags also got attention with a few (15) repins.


But the wedding programs (which we purchased at Michael’s Craft Store and my mom DIY’d it) takes the cake with 115 repins!


I say one can pin their own content so long as it’s useful and helpful to others. I think my repins prove my point!


What are some of your favorite pins??