Weekend Wake Ups


Thanks to waking up at 6:30 on weekdays, I can no longer sleep past 9 on the weekends.

I know some of you might argue that is sleeping in, but in comparison to Mike – I’m getting up early.  Mike’s always been a night owl and I’m an early bird.  I get up, make coffee, and settle in front of the computer (shocking, I know) until I hear him stir. Then I usually go say good morning as he is such a Garfield about waking up.

But last Saturday I found this, around noon:

Apparently when I get out of bed, everyone else gets in bed!

And this guy? This is where he spends the night, anyways, on top of my pillow. If you try to move him, he gets all whiney and turns into a dead weight. 

I’m amazed there’s any room for me, at all!

Big Cat Fun


Last week during my trip to the National Zoo I witnessed a spectacular animal event.  We made it to the Big Cats exhibit in time for enrichment.  The seven lion “cubs” are a little over a year, but still play like kittens.

attempting to scoop their “toy” out of the water


Stunning young animals, huh?

10 months later

ten months into marriage and no this post is not about babies.  Here’s what we haven’t done:

  • made a wedding album (or even started picking out pictures for said album)
  • spent all our wedding gift cards (hoarding the Macy’s ones)
  • used the fine china stemware
  • opened the Cuisinart-mixer box
  • discarded any of the RSVP cards from the invitations!
  • discarded the left-over programs
  • resold/re-purposed the frames from the table numbers
  • gotten rid of the old vacuum which the Dyson replaced (yes, 2 vacuums in house)
  • updated my passport (they sent it back because I overpaid them)

and here’s what we have accomplished

  • reclaimed our kitchen table from miscellaneous wedding planning crap
  • dry cleaned my wedding dress & stashed it in box in the corner
  • changed my last name (with SSN & driver’s license. others need to be done)!
  • enjoyed our first round of winter holidays & respective birthdays together
  • gave everyone framed wedding pictures as gifts
  • framed a single 8×10 picture for ourselves
  • talked with our wedding photographer & sent a bagillion emails apologizing for not starting our album yet
  • hung our Ketuba
  • sent out all thank you cards (within 6 months of getting married even though etiquette says you have a year)
  • watched the wedding video 4 times
  • started planning a one year anniversary trip!

It’s hard to believe we’ve almost been married a  year!

A funny thing happened on the way to the zoo

An very interesting thing happened on Monday.

But before I tell you about that, you need to know that my dog has allergies.  We know this because her eyes get goopy, she paws at them, and she scratches them until the sides of her wee-puppy-dog eyes get sores and she bleeds.  Nothing* is sadder.  So our vet told us to put her on daily antihistamines, unless we want to spend $800 to find out exactly what makes her allergies flip out, then pay $100 a month for allergy shots.  Um, yeah right. I love you dog, but I also love a cheap fix.  So off we went to the land of plenty (aka Costco) and purchased a bottle full of generic Claratin.  And it worked (when the darn pooch doesn’t pick it out of her food and leave it in random places around our house).  About a year later we found her eyes goopy and sad again.  The vet told us that like humans, dogs’ bodies can get accustomed to a medicine (remember this for later), and we should switch it up. Costco again. Giant bottle full off something different.  Success.

Now, back to the other mammal with allergies writing this.

Recall back at the beginning of my migraine journey, my neurologist told me my headaches were caused by allergies?  My brain doesn’t know how to process so much darn tree sex (because let’s be honest, that’s what pollen really is).  My brain backfires and migraines, essentially.  But I wasn’t so sure so I went to the allergist who kinda-sorta-agreed but more importantly was horrified by the giant blob of mucous stuck in my nasal cavity.

Now that we’re all up to snuff.  heh, get it? snuff?

I have allergies. They may or may not be causing my migraines.

I realized I forgot to pop a claratin and called my friend Diana who was also heading to the zoo with me that day.  Diana has an uncanny ability to have everything anyone might ever need always on hand.  She also had antihistamines, but not my beloved claratin.  See, when the dog reached her max with the claratin, I started taking it as my go-to-daily antihistamine.  Ya know, the one I take every day?  Diana instead had Zyrtec.  I took it.

And then we walked around, outside, for 4 hours and I proceeded to have the best head day in weeks.

About 2 hours after getting home, I realized my head felt great all day and still felt great.  There was some pressure, but no pain.

I recycled through my day’s activities: cell phone store, zyrtec, mexican food, outside, awesome lions as the zoo, froyo, home.  The one difference? Zyrtec!  The one different antihistamine I tried all these weeks? Zyrtec!

Since, like dogs, our bodies can get used to a medicine taken over time, there might be truth to changing things up a bit.

Diana and I traded bottles of antihistamines.

It might be time to trade the dog’s, too.

And it’s been right there, under my nose, the whole time!


*there are many things worse

Disclosure: this is NOT an add for Zyrtec, although it might seem like it.  I found a product I really liked and it might be the key to unlocking my pain mystery!

Tickle Me Tuesday 4.17.12


Well hey there Tuesday disguised as a Monday.
What, not everyone gets off from work on 4/16 for DC Emancipation Day?!  It’s an obscure holiday, but I’ll take it – especially on the eve of standardized testing week.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings my seven and eight year-old students will test from 9:30-noon with a 15 minute snack break.  This teacher has to sit and proctor with no computer, phone, or content related material open.  I can’t approach their desks individually and may only speak in blanket terms (“everyone, be sure to check every answer to make sure you didn’t skip any!”).  I feel badly for my kiddos but I can only imagine how bored I will be sitting and staring… (this does not tickle my fancy)

On that note, a few things that tickled my fancy as of late:

  • I love trashy reality TV, especially my new fav:  My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

I’m in awe of the gypsy/traveler lifestyle portrayed in this show.  The girls get married as early as 16, in the biggest/most gaudy dresses imaginable (think cats on dresses).  The women adhere to certain stereotypical gender roles while the men complain about getting arrested for racing horses on open roads.  This show is not as much of a train wreck as Toddlers and Tiaras, but maybe that’s why I like it? (TLC, Friday nights at 10 – set your DVR.  It won’t disappoint)


  • this new migraine medicine: Sumavel Dosepro

This supposedly clears up migraines so fast because it’s inject-able without a needle. I have yet to use the sample of this medicine my neurologist gave me, because I’m holding out for the world’s worst migraine. Weird, right?

Taken from their website: “The unique design of SUMAVEL DosePro makes needle-free subcutaneous drug delivery possible. The medicine is delivered by a compressed nitrogen gas-powered ram and piston, which provides the biphasic pressure needed to first push the drug through the skin and into the subcutaneous tissue. This occurs in one-tenth of a second. The medicine is then absorbed into the body’s bloodstream.”

Amahzing.  I can’t wait to try it, but then again… I can.

(disclaimer: I was not paid to write the above. My doctor prescribed the sample for me due to my fracking stupid migraines.)


  • Warmer weather is here to stay!

After a very flippant spring, I’m confident that flipflops, sandals, skirts, shorts, and most importantly no heavy jackets, will be happening on the regular.

It’s time to do what we call “the great clothing swap” – which happens twice yearly, as the fall/winter clothes trade places with the spring/summer attire under the bed. Let’s hope I still fit into most of it…

(my personal photo –>)

What are you excited about on this fine Tuesday?