Global Weirdness

Please forgive my sporadic posting.  I’m dealing with some ish right now…

My migraine journey landed me in the ER again, last week.  This time my migraine manifested itself in a different form, a basilar migraine.  I spent last Thursday morning complaining about my eyesight going blurry, my inability to form coherent thoughts, use scissors correctly (teacher thing), walk without getting dizzy, and generally feeling abnormal. By the afternoon, I called my doctor who, due to appointments, did not get back to me until early evening when I lost the ability to consistently stand and started having a panic attack. What was this horrible feeling taking over me?

We rushed to the ER with my aura, as the doctor suggested I was having a very long migraine onset period.

Luckily, I never felt any pain (beyond the mild headache that consistently follows me around like a frienemy).

This time, my doctor called in tests. Blood was taken, pee collected, and my brain scanned.  You should know, the inside of the CAT-scan machine at my local hospital has a picture of a cat in it.  This amused me,  as did the drunk guy strapped to a gurney cursing up a storm.  This did not amuse the father of the injured 11 year-old boy.

Meanwhile, Mike stood by as the ever-supportive husband. Luckily March Madness kept him entertained as I babbled on in my incoherent ways. (Not to make him seem like he didn’t want to be there.  You can imagine how concerned he really was.  The basketball helped him stay cool and me stay alert.)

Test results show:

My brain is fine.

My body is healthy.

There are “no life threatening or abnormal results.”

[insert hospital administered doses of narcotics to abort my migraine and make me drift off to another land where I forget I have feet and randomly text friends to tell them so. thank you friends for being there for me, too.]


So if I’m healthy (praise G-d) then why the hell do I feel like my brain is being controlled by a ruthless off-site villain engaging in schadenfreude?

Cue my neurologist: “I can tell by your face that  your allergies are out of control.”

My face?  oh right. I thought I was breaking out. But the red spots on my face itch. I guess those are hives?

The good doc went on to explain my hives directly relate to the high pollen and mold (to which I’m allergic) counts right now.  The El Nino winds, the warm winter, the early spring and allergens, are wreaking havoc on my brain.  Also my body is adjusting to not being on The Pill.  My brain is overwhelmed and acting out.  My migraines are most-likely triggered by the increase in abnormal levels of natural elements.   And so are the increase of patients dealing with migraines.


So, I guess that’s good to figure that out.

Stupid pleasant warm winter and pretty plants.

My next step: preventative meds & more antihistamines, because who doesn’t love adding more chemicals to your body?

At this point, I just want a break from this game.  If it means loading up on the prescription pad, then that is what I will do for now. I know there are vitamins and other methods of treatment.  However 10 migraines in 17 days is enough for me to seek immediate relief!

…and hopefully get back to the blogisphere soon :)

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  • Amy Metherell

    I hope you feel better really soon!

    • CrowndVic

      Thanks, Amy. You’re a gem!

  • SkyWaitress

    Oh boy that sounds horrible. I really hope you find something that works soon!

    • CrowndVic

      Me too – thank you!

  • Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    Yikes… I am sorry you’re feeling so awful! I really hope they can figure out something that will make you feel better!!! Allergies are the worst! Combine that with a crazy headache!?! Don’t know how you’re making it! You’re a strong lady my friend!!!

  • Ada

    Aw man. So sorry to hear you had to go through another ER visit. I hope your migraines and allergies get figured out soon!!

    • CrowndVic

      me toooo!! :(