Nude Lips

There’s a new makeup/fashion trend that I can’t get fully behind.  It looks great from day to day, when done right.  But for a fancy night out at the Oscars, I felt classy red (or any bold color) did more justice when paired with ballgowns.

Exhibit A, B, & C:

Amongst many other women, Gwenyth Paltrow, JLo, and Kristen Wigg {via} all sported natural looking lip color.  Sometimes with white dresses you don’t want to overdo the makeup, I get that.  But these ladies are all beautiful and their lip makeup all says “just another regular day” to me.


Whereas Milla Jovovich {via} rocked the red, stunning lip color!

How gorgeous was her dress, by the way?!?!


Angelina Jolie also added some sultry color to her already amazing look:



Finally, Michelle Williams spiced things up with lipstick that complemented her dress:



Rooney Mara also showed off her style with bright red lips, contrasted against her blunt bangs and dark up-do.  However the internet seems to forgotten about her.  But she defied the neutral lip color craze, too.


What says you?  Colored or Nude lips?

Which style do you prefer?


*Side-note: I’m proud to announce most of my Oscar picks were right on! I only missed on Best Directing (I chose Woody Allen), Best Supporting Actor (I chose Max von Sydow), & Best Visual Effects (I chose The Rise of the Planet of the Apes). Go me!