Shit My Husband Says

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I love watching these comical (and somewhat overdone) videos which parody the typical statements said by groups of people. From Shit Girls Say, to Shit Christians Say to Jews (a personal fav) and even the local Shit People in DC Say, inspiration fell to me.

However, even though Mike owns a dress and a wig, he refuses to indulge me and make a “Shit My Wife/Vicki Says” video.   I also lack the ability to film and act in my own video. That ruined my own chance of making a video.

Instead I bring you a list of Shit My Husband Says.*

*I love my husband very much. This was created with love and humor and with no meaning to do harm.  Just for funsies.  And he’ll probably want to do one back at me, which I accept and welcome!

(and I hope you will comment with some of your hubby’s isms, too!)

  • I need a nosh.
  • There’s no good games on TV right now.
  • “Oh Bagel, doo doo doo” (<–There’s a song about bagels?!)
  • Grab me a beer?
  • I need to do my reading for class, first.
  • I guess I’ll take the dog for a walk.
  • At least someone takes care of the dog.
  • Is it really my day to empty the litterbox?
  • Etsy will survive without you.
  • Why can’t we sit after dinner? Why must we clean right away?
  • That’s dirty?
  • Oh, the Mets!
  • Damn the Packers!
  • Really, Mets? Really?!
  • Your face is ________ (a retort to whatever I just said)
  • This level is so hard to beat.
  • [Random yelling at the TV]
  • How can you go to sleep before 1:30?
  • I hate mornings.
  • At least the dog likes to cuddle.
  • Why is there Scentsy everywhere?
  • Bathroom time! (Why do men announce this?!)
  • Son of a motherless &@$%!
  • That’s what you get for making me put away the laundry.
  • You’re tired? Really?
  • Turn it up!
  • Does this match?
  • You’re just jealous of my style.
  • Shuttupa your face!
  • The Mets are doomed.
  • I just got killed [in this video game] because you were talking to me.
  • Ew, vodka?
  • Tequilla tastes like old socks.
  • You spent how much?

Hrm, when I think about it – most of these things are about me! huh!

Does your husband have any tag lines?

National Chocolate Cake Day

According to this post, today is a very special day.


Some smart woman somewhere did a very good thing by making today happen.

If you ever find yourself at a bar with me, about an hour or so after we arrive, you will hear some version of these words: “I could really go for some chocolate cake right now.” (and after years of saying this, I do know which DC bars serve beer and cake)

I love chocolate cake.

  • I love chocolate so much that the top tier of our wedding cake (currently in our freezer – talk about self control) is a death by chocolate, chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing.
  • I love chocolate cake so much that I rushed to write this post minutes after my friend notified me of today’s significance.


I apologize for not getting the word out sooner.  With proper notice I might stuff my face with chocolate cupcakes for breakfast.  A good ol’ fashioned chocolate cake might have graced our teacher’s lounge.  But of course, some chocolate truffle cake will on the plate for after dinner.


I always need a good excuse to have me some chocolate cake for dessert.

So what are you waiting for?

Go now. Stuff thy faces.

For today? Is National Chocolate Cake Day!*

Changing the world, one slice of chocolate cake at a time.

(Please leave links to any awesome chocolate cake recipes in the comments, to celebrate!)

*feel free to do the same on 1/28 if you missed the cake festivities on 1/27. and the same for 1/29. ah heck we all need more chocolate cake in our lives.



My husband is my Bestfriend


People ask us, “How’s married life?”

And we state the obvious, “I can’t complain!”

Because honestly: everything rocks. But I really don’t know what other answer to give.  Mike and I dated for almost 6 years before engagement, 7 years before marriage.  During that wonderful time, we lived together for 5 years. We anticipated what lay ahead of us.  He knew about my selective hearing, I knew his tolerance for mess.  He accepted my need for cleaning, I accepted his love of all things sports.

And it works, as our almost 6 months (longer than the Kardashian marriage, ahem) proves.

We carry on like we always did, with the exception of “always and forever” in marriage contract form, instead of merely implied.


But the one difference lies outside of our marriage.  Let me set this up for you…

The other day, a local radio station publicized a contest in which you and three friends win a trip to London to party with Rhianna. Awesome, right?! Immediately I start brainstorming the potential amazing trip (instead of picking up the phone to call in for the contest).

And I came up with nothing.

Me, Mike and ??

I don’t know if our newlywed status scared friends away, or I’ve been so wrapped up in our honeymoon time frame, but it dawned on me…I have no bestfriend.

Sure, I have my bestie from high school, Meg, who lives in Atlanta; My college roomie, Ali, lives in Orlando; my BIFF Nicci resides somewhere in Minnesotan Sasquatch land.  I have several displaced besties across the nation whom I keep in touch with via the interwebs.

Locally I have several girls whom I can call on to plan a night out, shop, or gab.  But if you ask me who that one girl is, my bestfriend?  A girl who might drop everything for me and knows me inside and out?  I have no answer.  And if you were to ask me who relies on me and knows they can call me up at a moment’s notice for advice or help?  yup.  nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not applying blame at any avenue. If anything I step up and take responsibility.  But if married life is grand, shouldn’t my friendship life be too?  It’s hard to weigh the playing field on both sides.

If there’s anyone I want to spend my day with at the local market, wandering around the mall, or flying abroad and jamming with Rhianna — Mike’s my number one choice.

There’s a reason he’s my “always and forever.”

So, I guess if you ask me how married life is — my strong, resounding, proud answer will be:

My husband is my bestfriend.


And that is what really matters.

(and I’m more than OK with that)

My Kindle’s Name is Katniss

Just Write

Hello, my name is Vicki and I’m obsessed with The Hunger Games series.

And if I’m being honest here, I’m more into The Hunger Games than I led on with Twilight.

If I’m being super honest?  I loved Twilight, but not like I love The Hunger Games.


So what’s the hype all about?  Honestly I always found myself drawn to books about futuristic dystopian societies (ie: The Giver, Iron HeelFahrenheit 451;  and  Running Man is on my list to read).  This series takes the futuristic, fallen United States and sees it from younger, impressionable eyes.  Katniss’ fight to the death through the televised Hunger Games mimics much of viewers lust of reality TV these days, death aside (maybe?).  The focus on politics and how government runs a nation in need, and oversteps boundaries, intrigues me.  The heroine’s fiercely independent side makes her look far better than another leading lady in a young adult series ::cough cough Bella cough:: And let’s not forget the love triangle as Katniss “chooses” between Gale and Peeta.  Oh Peeta.

These Hunger Games, the unbalanced power of the Capitol, the poor people starving while others thrive, the feeling of loss.  All this could happen.  There is just so much I could say.

That idea that a young adult book drives me to think beyond surface value, really forces me deeper into these books.  Suzanne Collins weaves a stunning plot line with twists I honestly didn’t see coming.  And while I might still be slightly bitter at the ending of the series, I am still pleased that a book caused me to be angry, caused me to cry (the part with the cat!), and caused me to want to write this post and move on from Twilight.  (I think we can all rejoice on that last one, no?)

Sure, maybe Mike and I are jointly reading The Hunger Games Companion and continue our discussion by forcing the book on friends in the form on holiday presents…but one thing’s for sure — I can’t wait for the movie in March!

(And I love my Kindle.  Best multipurpose toy ever.)


So, those of you not under a rock:

  1. Gale or Peeta??
  2. Were you satisfied with the ending?
  3. Can you believe they are written for 12+ ??  or does that make sense?


And, may the odds be ever in your favor…

Bring Back My Bar!

For the month of January Scentsy offers 20 popular, discontinued scents out of retirement for this period of time, only!

“After tallying more than 5 MILLION votes
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There are some awesome scents available!

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  • Amaretto
  • Berries & Bubbly
  • Bubblegum
  • Buttermints
  • Cherry Almond Pie
  • Cinnamon Cider
  • Coffee Tree
  • Cranberry Spice
  • Eucalyptus
  • Flower Shop
  •  Mad About Mint
  • Mysterious
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Spiced Grapefruit
  • Spring Clean
  • Taj Mahal
  • Toasted Apple Butter
  • Toasted Caramel Sugar
  • Twilight
  • Vanilla Walnut.

Don’t they sound *amahzing*?!

You can check it out and order here!

(remember, use a multipack to save money! 3 bars for $14 or 6 bars for $25!