Sister Sister

We live hundreds of miles away yet use the same brand of deodorant & makeup without knowing it.  Even though she looks like my mom and I look like my dad, we could be twins, save the years that separate us.  And while she’s good at math and sciences, I thrive at the language based stuffs, we both have a common love of dance and performance art.

We are so different yet so similar, and that’s what I love about my sister.

She gives the best advice, even though we both hate to talk on the phone.

And she’s always there for me.

Plus she’s got a kick ace family and some darn cute kids!


Happy Birthday, Marlo!  Love you to your toes!!!


Due to technical difficulties (aka my ignorance to WordPress and growing learning curve), this post did not go up on my sister’s actual bday. Happiest of days to my sis, always!

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  • The Favour Shoppe

    such a beautiful post!

  • apockylypse

    I always grew up wishing I had a sister, but I would've even settled for a brother. I'm so envious of this special connection the two of your have.

    Hope your sister had a very happy birthday!