National Botanical Gardens


Saturday we ventured out into the first signs of winter (temps consistently below 50 during the day – I know…) and into the warm, lush greenhouses of the National Botanical Gardens.  Having lived in DC for six years and never visited, we figured seeing their “Season’s Greenings” made for a good excuse.Jingle Bells Poinsettia

Made with various plant materials, small creatures & mini-fairy houses with winding train tracks encircled the area.  The whimsical tiny abodes made me click, click away with my dSLR.

 We wandered through the different areas, exploring plants and admiring the different shapes/scents/textures.

We even got a little interactive with the plants….

And! Found *my* plant!

The Orchids.  There are no words. (only a hard time choosing which pictures to share!!!)

Lastly, the most awesome part, the National Mall monuments creative out of botanical materials:

Who knew plants could be so fun?!