(Wedding Recap) The Hora!

During the post-wedding-feedback stage, several people told me the Hora stood out as their favorite part of our wedding. Comments varied from, “I’ve never seen a group of people so excited!” to “Twenty-five minutes of straight dancing without stopping was incredible.”  Our band rocked it out and kept the party going, for what seemed like a great forever.

[Sidenote: around this point the bustle in my dress began failing & falling.  I stepped on the hem and got frustrated and started hated my dress.  Oh, the heat, too.  The temperature under 6 layers of fabric grew unbearable.]

But that did not stop me from dancing!

I showed off my roger-rabbit skillz.  for realz.

The guys and girls created their own circles.

 Mike flung me around in circles
And then came THE CHAIRS.
My word, the chairs.
The scary chairs, lifted up and down, all over the place.
Feeling like you’re going to fall.
The chairs.
Scary and exhilarating.
(mostly scary)
Once back on the ground, my dad broke out the accordion!!!!
Look at him rocking out!
So awesome.
He’s one talented Dad.

Speaking of talented, Mike & danced for each other

This goes down as one of my favorite moments in my life.
Seriously, the best Hora ever!
{Photo amahzingness: Studio Juno}