Wordless Wednesday: Cabbage Rose

{Amazing photography by Studio Juno}

(Wedding Recap) Putting on the Dress

We headed downstairs to the lobby of our hotel, with my wedding dress in hand. I previously arranged (and by arranged, I mean double-triple-checked with the hotel manager) for their Escalade to take us the 3 blocks down the street to our venue. My bridesmaids already wore their dresses and heels. Who wants to hoof-it 3 blocks in the mid-summer’s heat, in fancy dresses? Not us. So you can imagine our surprise when the Escalade disappeared to run another errand, leaving me pointing at the scheduling book where it said “Bride plus 4, 2p.” Luckily they called us a cab. Do you know what 4 girls in bridesmaids dresses looks like in the back of a cab?

 (picture phone quality apology)
Now that’s a bridesmaid’s shot if I’ve ever seen one.
Unfortunately my sister is behind the headrest and got cut off.
The 5 minute ride passed with lots of laughter.

At any rate, we made it to the venue & upstairs to the bridal ready room: the Library.

Special thanks to Lila Frances for their lovely gift of my personalized wedding wire hanger! I simply love it & look forward to passing it down to someone else, someday.

 I really love the simplicity & meanwhile complexity of this shot.
It says “Here we go!” to me…

But then, right as I stepped over to my dress, almost ready to go, I thought, “Oh my, I should really use the restroom one. last. time…since we all know how complicated that can get…”
I looked down at myself:
veil, button down shirt, special underwear, garter, heels.
I looked like something out of a pin-up catalog.  Which elicited these reactions from my mom & sister:

 Clearly, my sister thinks I’m hilarious.
My mom shakes her head and says “Oh, Vicki.”
I love it.

 Here’s a censored version of what I looked like:
 Thank goodness for caterer’s napkins.
Although I will admit I did run down the back hallway of the venue with out said napkin….
But once I came back, it was time.

(suck it in, Vicki)

And in a matter of minutes, I really felt like a bride.
My wedding day finally arrived.
Butterflies tried fluttering in my tummy,
but I overcame that nervous energy with thoughts of seeing my
soon-to-be husband at our first look!

{amazing photography by Studio Juno, phone pic aside}

(Wedding Recap) Getting the Guys Ready

While us girls were busy primping over in the honeymoon suite, some of the gentlemen met up in a junior suite to don their tuxedo’s and whatever else it is that men do to get ready.  (Really, shower? put on some cologne? they have it so easy.)

Then groomsmen all wore Sean Jean ties I bought during the 2010 winter holiday sale at Macy’s.  I purchased them for a mere 70% off full price.  Win.
Mike wore spectators (aka wing-tips) for an added special touch.
I call this his “shitting himself” face.
But it’s a great shot, non-the-less.
Brothers.  I love it.
There really is something special about bro-mance.

I’ll never get it, but it really is special.

{Again, these spectacular images were all captured by Studio Juno}

Wordless Wednesday: Flower Girl vs. Bride

{pics by Studio Juno photography}

(Wedding Recap) Getting the Girls Ready

My bridesmaids are wonderful women.  I promise these words come from an honest place deep down inside me.  Mostly they deserve such complements because they put up with me for a year-and-a-half of wedding planning and then my sharp orders on the day-of the event.  I tried my utmost best to not turn all bridezilla.  But let me tell you, if you’ve never gone through it before, there’s no preparing for the rush of emotions.  I swear any woman who gets away without even a hint of bridezilla must be hiding something.  or holding it in.

Of track.

My bridesmaids deserve a medal.

or a gift.
On the day of the wedding I gifted them each a different Coach clutch.
Thanks to the a shopping-angel’s coupon delivery, I purchased these babies for a *very* competitive price.
Always be on the lookout for a good deal, even 6 months before the wedding!
And so the readies began.
Curlers and button downs (no hair mess-ups!) and patience, oh my!
Meagan makes being athletic & beautiful look easy.

Tell me Kathryn’s beauty doesn’t astound you?
One day (soon) she’ll make a beautiful bride.
She’ll also kill me for typing/publishing this.
(But Kat, it’s not like Eric reads my blog!!!!)
 My sister rocks the mom-card, and the big-sister card, and the cool card.
She makes me feel better about one day “going there” as a parent (being all pretty and in control even though she might not really know what she’s doing… but you’d never know that.)
Diana wins for most favors-cashed-in.
You know that friend you can always turn to when you need something? trip to the ER? ride home from Target when you just bought a bicycle and it’s now snowing? advice and just a general ear?
Yeah, Di’s got my back.  I hope she knows I’ve got hers, too!
They were all there, and then some, for me on my wedding day!
Love. These. Ladies.
{All beautiful photographs by Studio Juno}