Flowers, a la cart

Recall how I recently met with our potential florist? We discussed flower options and prices, and he made everything all better. He talked about renting linens and chairs for less than caterers quoted.  His vision of my color scheme set me at ease.  He gave me options.  Finally there was hope for my wedding, as I felt everything would look crappy together.  He painted a picture of beauty for me.

And then the other day he painted a picture of price for us, a la cart.  When I first opened up the attachment I scrolled down for a final cost, to find none.  Then I realized he really did give us options.  While I will of course need a bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces – he laid out different options for other line items.  For center pieces we can have high or low ones, each at a different price.  There are even two versions of each.  Mixing things up will make for an aesthetically pleasing layout, and also a financially pleasing budget.

The mothers can choose from a small floral carry bouquet or a pin-on or wrist corsage, both of reasonable prices (but one is less than the other…).

To top things off, for our flower girl we can choose either a small basket of floral at a reasonable price, or loose petals free of charge.  The same goes for the rental vase for the sweetheart table and the toss bouquet: free of charge!

Yet somehow it all adds up to exactly what we budgeted.
You only do this once, hopefully, right?
Might as well dress it up with flowers!

“Vintage” Vicki and Mike, circa 2007 living on the edge.
(This is what we look like without flowers.)

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  • Diana Mieczan

    That is so great and I adore that photos…hahahKisses, sweetiePs: I am hosting a charming scarf GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for cozy Christmas!

  • Diana Mieczan


  • The Favour Shoppe

    great photo!

  • Teenage Bride

    hahah "This is what we look like without flowers."I am so happy that the budgeting is working out well, that can be so tough!!! This florist sounds AMAZING!

  • Chocolate Lover

    Thats so awesome of him! Gotta love options! Now we need pics!

  • Michelle Saunderson

    It is really great that the florist is providing options. I hope everything turns out beautifully.