The B List

Being honest with you, our venue can “only” hold 170 guests.
Our invite list has, well to be exact, 220 names on it.
And then we have a little something called “The B List.”

It’s exactly what you think:  It’s our backup list, or even- people who didn’t make the cut.

It’s not that we don’t care about B-listers enough to invite them. It’s more like we know too many family members who supersede them in the invite-necessity category.  Tthe people on the B List are largely my friends who didn’t make the cut. Which if I stop to think about it, is pretty crappy we don’t even have enough space to invite my friends. The bride.  However, I’m going to avoid going bridezilla over this issues and enjoy the guests who are able to attend. Even though it is my/our day. Right.

So my fingers are crossed that perhaps, maybe, some guests who we are not as close to, regretfully decline and I can actually invite the people I work with and see everyday.

But for us to even make it to people on The B List would involve 50+ regrets, first.
A girl can hope, right?

Has anyone else had success with a B list?

Today’s post, brought to you by the letter B.