Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!

First, before I announce our winners, I want to thank all Etsy stores who sponsored our 100/100 celebration:

Please remember them when you are doing your holiday shopping! They all make such wonderful items!

The winner of three hair clips fromThe Ciao Bella Boutique is:  Julia!

The winner of $40 store credit to Silver Made Studio is: Luckiest Girl Ever! 

The winner of the Plume Delight giveaway is: Cassandra!

The winner of a pin of their choice from No Plain Ts is: Joy B!

The winner of a headband of their choice from Twenty Five Design is: Nicci @ Changing the Universe!

The winner of $25 store credit to Eclectic Whatnot is:  Matthew!

Congrats to all our winners!
Thank you to all my wonderful followers!

Be safe and have fun tonight!


Happy Birthday to the lovely woman who brought me into the world, my mom!

Looking back at moments my mom and I shared, I surely gave her a run for her money during my teenage years, but I’m going to go ahead and blame that on genetics. {coy smile}  But she was there for me through and through.  And I love her for all of it:

-I must mention that she promised me a Slurpee if I figured out the logistics of a tampon. {hilarious. and true}

-She came to every ballet class until I could drive myself, and even then she came to watch.

-I vividly remember the evening I sobbed huge tears of sadness, after my first “serious” relationship ended (for like the twelfth time). As a grabbed tissue after tissue in the bathroom, my mom looked at me and sincerely said, “I know it hurts.”  Something about that simple validation made everything as better as it could be.

-She insisted on piano lessons until I hated them. But now? I can sit and play my repertoire of party favorites and read a bit of sheet music.

I love the way one glass of wine makes her “drunk as a skunk” and her innocence towards pop culture.  Also? She and my dad ballroom dance with their “group” and they are!

I will proudly carry the same handkerchief she did during her wedding, at mine, as my “Something Old.”
Hopefully one day I can pass it onto a little girl to do the same. I can only hope to pass on her steadfast determination, desire to help others, and love of culture to my future little ones.

I love you mom, you make my heart smile!


And now I ruin that perfectly good, sappy post with a reminder that today is the last day to enter my six Etsy giveaways!

Events to a T!

Don’t forget! Tomorrow ends my 6 fabulous 100/100 celebration giveaways!


After much fretting on my part about how our Big Day will play out and the after the advice of many, we booked a Day-Of Wedding Planner (aka guest wrangler, flow adviser, and general catastrophe manager)!  Meet Tracy, of Events to a T:

When I think of Tracy, I immediately become serene and worry free.  I’m not kidding.  Just knowing we’ll have someone to assist with arrival of vendors and unplanned surprised puts me at ease.  But Brides-to-be (and everyone) out there, please know Tracy is available for full or partial service, not just for Day-of.  Because she’s awesome like that.  Did I mention she even has an Etsy store full of awesome party goods? Cuz she does.

However, for our Day-of, Tracy will manage all of the on-site logistics the day of the event down to the last detail. Events to a T will meet with us and walk through the Big Day and venue prior to the event and take on the complete coordination of the event the day of so that I can relax and know that everything is taken care of (aka get married and get drunk celebrate)

Day-of coordinating option offers:

  • Two (2) hour consultation in order to gather all needed information about your event
  • Walk through of all venues
  • Event time-line, flow and itinerary
  • Set-up and break-down
  • Coordinate, trouble-shoot and manage all aspects on the day of the event

All in all that equals =

(But bridesmaids, that doesn’t mean you’re completely off the hook, mmmkay?)

I should probably mention that we know Tracy from Mike’s previous job, where Tracy and Mike worked together.  Mike witnessed first hand Tracy performing her finest event planning there, so when we were in the market for a planner ourselves, Mike just knew Tracy was the gal for us.  And already she is amazing me with her resources and advice.  I know our Big Day will go smoothly with Tracy at the helm!

So please, check out Tracy of Events to a T:
at her site, on Twitter, on Facebook, and Etsy.

{photo by Danielle Cover Photography}

Budget Woes

A “wedding budget” is the biggest oxymoron I know.
It’s bigger than “jumbo shrimp” or even an “accurate estimate.”
But that’s mostly because monetarily speaking, it just keeps getting bigger.

We began our budget by asking our families flat out how much they felt they are able to contribute.  We graciously accepted however much their wallets allotted and threw in some ourselves.
We used The Knot’s planning tool to enter the entire amount and then it spit out the breakdown for us.  We figured some areas might cost more or less and it will all even out.
You will always be over budget.

As our day-of planner said (which, as I write this, I realized I have yet to write about her!) if we remain within budget we will be the first couple to ever do so.

Of course, we came across extra expenses we neglected to budget:
-Day After Brunch (for out-of-town guests)
-Postage for Save the Dates and invites (although you could argue that the “stationary” line item covers this, but then we need to come down $100 to include the postage)
-Welcome Bags (for hotel staying out-of-town guests)
-Tips/Gratuity (assuming the wait-staff, photographer, etc. meet standards)
-Guest Book & pens
-Videographer (ok, we did budget for this, but seriously low-balled this one)

So that budget we worked so hard to create? tweaked to make the numbers more realistic? scraped and cut out items?

Well, I opened the window, smelled the fresh air of reality and then?
I threw it.
I threw the budget out the window.

I mean, yes, sure we still do have our basic working frame-work.
We still are aiming for a relative amount.
I’m thanking my lucky stars my retro-active paycheck will cover most overflow.
But still, how about that chocloate fountain?
What’s another $500?
Optimistic Pessimism?
There – that’s another oxymoron right there.

How do you stay on budget in life? when planning for a wedding?

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Giveaway Celebration!!

Be sure to check out all SIX giveaways from different Etsy sellers!
These would make LOVELY holiday gifts, or a fun treat for yourself.

It’s my way of saying thank you to my dear followers.
Love ya!

Have fun, and good luck!