Something Blue

I love shoes.  You can have a “fat day” and still find shoes that you 1) don’t mind trying on, 2) look good on you, and 3) make you feel skinny(er).  Spending money  Dropping significant bones on shoes is not as heart wrenching as, say, paying a car repair or catching up on the plastic bills.  In fact, buying expensive shoes gives me a rush because I know I will love, cherish, and strut those babies while they enhance me, overall.

And so we have the first candidates for my feet to don at the wedding.
They will be my “something blue” and I’m rather thrilled about this!  Let’s just hope they don’t turn my feet blue for lack of circulation.

Here are the lovely ladies now:

(The Crocs are an every-day choice that slipped into the massive shoe order.  So comfortable and light – love them, already!)

I went out on a limb and purchased a bit of everything and tried to incorporate different tones/hues.  (I think it’s pretty obvious I like peep-toe shoes)
The Nina’s are back-ordered in “china blue” so I had to order them in “mint satin” to get a feel for them.  If chosen as my final selection, they would most-def worn in a light, yet striking, blue.

So, whadduya think?!?!?
Which ones are your favs?