Growing That Baby!

Let’s face it, the human body is amazing, especially when it succeeds after it fails you.  Slowly I’m regaining trust of my body, but mostly my clothes are becoming too tight with a purpose (which is cool, too).

Thanks to my sister, who saved a good chunk of her maternity clothes for me (ahem, her youngest just turned four), my good friend who has 6-month-old twins and declares herself done and donated all her baby belly clothes to me, and my best friend who has a four-month-old and is ready to loan me her quality mat. clothes — I have a complete maternity wardrobe!  I bought one pair of jean shorts, and over the course of my previous pregnancies I naively bought some pants and a stray shirt here and there.  But aside from those purchases? All my maternity clothes were donated or borrowed and it. is. amazing!

For the sake of not rubbing it in for those still in the process of their TTC journey, and also because I’m still walking that line between acceptance, joy, and fear – I prefer to be on the quiet side of my pregnancy.  Many will ask how I’m doing and honestly I don’t want to answer that because who wants to hear, “My uterus is stretching and that is quite painful at times” ??? or another favorite “My boobs are an unfathomable size I once dreamed about during puberty.”  Over all, I do not want to complain and put myself in a position of sounding ungrateful.  I don’t want to jinx myself, I don’t want to hurt anyone, I want to avoid grossing people out, and I hate lying/downplaying (“I’m fine! great! just dandy!”).  So instead I rather enjoy my stretching, growing self privately.  Also, body changes are weird and no one needs to know how many panty-liners I go through in a day. You’re welcome.

All of the above coupled with time (who has enough? care to share?) means I will not write weekly bump-dates (pregnancy updates).  Instead I will randomly give you an onslaught of weeks’ past.  Family and close friends, I hope you heeded that Shutterfly mass email and link which allows you to see these weekly updates in real time, you lucky dogs.

(By the way, I am not naked in this first picture.  My once long hairs perfectly fell right at bewbie length. Lets call this first pic a jumping off point)

And that’s where we are now, well into the second trimester! I have an anterior placenta, meaning it is on the front/top of my uterus, keeping me from feeling too much baby movement yet (not a concern or bad thing, just where it grew). I definitely have a baby bump. I prefer to wear maternity clothes (or loose fitting dresses). And soon I need to get back on that midwives’ pregnancy diet I’m mandated to follow…soon…Maybe if I blog about it I will hold myself accountable. Maybe?

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