I’m here! Somewhere

I have an adorable six month old whom I breast-feed, a full time teaching job where I pump for about an hour in my closet over the course of the day, a wonderful marriage going on 4 (!) years, a meager social life…

And a neglected blog.

I recently (finally) downloaded the WordPress app to my phone! Now I can type, with my right thumb, while holding a sleeping babe, instead of trolling social media. So if my commenting on your IG or FB is lacking, at least this blog is thriving, wait, maybe instead getting some much needed attention.

I want to record my feelings on my medicated birth after natural birth classes, those straining early newborn days, reflux and a its horrendous glory, my struggle to and success with breast-feeding, sleep and the lack of sleep, returning to work, my body and my brain/heart. I really want to share with the Internet/you few readers who are left after I disappeared/any other mommas in the throes of their first born. I also want to rejoice in the good and fawn over this little miracle of mine. He. Is. The. Best!!

But I also like sleep.

And doing things with my husband.

And maybe even looking put together or staying ahead of the game, by which I mean keeping up (who actually gets ahead?? I don’t like you. Come do my laundry). 

So, do I blog or shave my legs? Write or watch an episode of Parks and Rec? Sleep or …ha, sleep always wins. 
I’m here, somewhere, probably loving on this baby we waited so long for, and is worth every tear and longing. 

Good thing summer is around the corner!

I’ll be back/here/somewhere!

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