Sayonara Summer

I blinked, and summer ended (and a bump grew).


At the risk of sounding cliche, this summer flew by. If you ask anyone else in DC they will respond similarly.  See, we had a very mild summer (::knocking on all wood surfaces many times::), allowing for real outdoor adventures and fun without the torrential sweat which usually accompanies this predictable humidity.  And yes, usually DC is just as humid as Florida; no I’m not being overly dramatic.

But this summer felt great, amazing even.  Productivity, relaxation, vacation trips, and baby stuff galore filled my days.  There remains much to do for our little business baby’s first meeting, such as preparing his board room and finding a suitable retreat environment upon his boss’ (my) return to paid work.   And had there been more time I might have gotten more done, or simply watched more TLC.


So here we are, back at the beginning of another school year.

I maintain that the school year beginning again trumps the new calendar year, for me. Plus the Jewish High Holidays and New Year fall around the same time (this year on my birthday, let’s not even go there yet). All the sharp pencils and shiny crayons, fresh faces staring back at me and OH YEAH only about 3.5 months of this pregnancy left.  A part of me feels good about going back for the new school year knowing I get a special break in the middle of it.  The other half of me is scared shitless because, well labor and newborns and life-changing circumstances, OH MY!

Presently I choose to focus on my job, the one I get a paycheck to do.  This time of year for me as a teacher is what I imagine Santa feels like before Christmas.  But this year drain Santa of his energy, make him really hungry, and give him way more stuff to do than he think he can accomplish before the big day.  So basically, nothing changes for him.  However I need to disappear into my ‘teacher hole’ for awhile and only resurface for milkshakes and sugar cookies.  The Santa comparison, down to the belly, is so real this year – I can’t deny it.

It’s time to listen to my body and takes things easy.

I hope everyone is enjoying their remnants of summer, be it by sending your kids back to school or simply looking forward to the resurgence of pumpkin spiced lattes.

If you need me, leave out a filled-to-the-brim glass of milk – but no carrots please, ain’t nobody got time for that!

(Be back later!)if_you_have_good_thoughts2

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