New Home Tour: Master Bedroom

It’s hard to believe a year ago today we closed on this house and moved!

It’s also hard to believe it took me a year to finish these posts. I find it fitting that my last New Home Tour post goes up today, on our one year move-a-versary.

Not surprisingly, we still have boxes in the basement left to unpack.


Which brings us to the master bedroom and ensuite!

At the top of the stairs, across the mini-hallway from the guest room, is where the magic happens king and queen, and dog and cats, rest their heads.

IMG_3417 Look! Our laundry hamper and rug (Thank you Marshals and Overstock)!

Oh, here’s the bed. Not pictured: directly opposite is a wall of lovely closets and built-ins above them.  We keep our TV in the built-in space and it fits nicely, at the perfect angle while laying in bed.


 Bed-frame and Bedspread: Ikea // yellow nightstand: Target //cat: Trashcan

You can see the toilet through that pocket door entrance to the ensuite.

IMG_3109That faucet is awesome, by the way.  And the jewelry hanger is from Etsy, of course.

And here is where we get naked:

IMG_3108The rain shower is pretty awesome, but it has it’s pros and cons.  I do love, again, that the tile in the shower echos the tile on the floors (not pictured; I’m an awesome blogger).


And that’s our house!

Since I took these pictures back in September, there are things which changed already (like the towels in that ensuit, they now match the laundry hamper!). I might go back and do an update of these details, or I might just not.

I hope you like our home!

Thanks for stopping by!

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